• "This has been a very good exercise and we have been impressed by your approach, insight and outputs"
    The Consortium

The business consultants are a senior team of executives who help Board Members define, shape and implement their business strategies. Our focus is helping you deliver unrivalled and industry leading customer experiences, in fact we passionately believe it should be weaved into the fabric of your organisation.

Online/Offline Integration
We’ve proven with many of our home shopping and retail customers that online and offline integration makes common sense.
But, why do so many companies lose millions of pounds annually by not communicating to their customers in one marketing led voice?
Board Level Business Strategy
The lonliest person in a business is the CEO. We offer honest advice and strategic support to the engine room of your company.
Our role is to act as an extra resource that allows you to achieve your corporate aims, goals and objectives.
The Customer Experience
What do you really know about the experience your customers have when spending money and interacting with your brand.
Is it consistent across all channels? We have developed a way of benchmarking you against your competitors to work out the landscape of your industry.

Industry Expertise

Retail, Home Shopping, Multi Channel Integration and Communications, The Customer Experience, Financial Services, Food Packaging, Confectionary, FA Premier League, Formula One, Digital Marketing, Entertainment, Direct Marketing, Education, Affiliate Marketing